What is Eupian?

EUPIAN is an independent statutory body aiming to advance knowledge on the possibilities to stimulate innovation through public procurement. Innovation lies at the heart of the European strategy for the future and innovative technologies and services are considered the key to tackling important challenges relating to economic growth and environmental protection. Considerable attention has been given in recent years to the possibility offered by public procurement to lead private actors towards more desirable innovation.

The European Commission has provided guidance on how to stimulate the procurement of innovation and R&D services within the EU legal framework for public procurement and many Member States have included public procurement in national innovation strategies and have set-up innovation-oriented procurement initiatives.

EUPIAN tackles the target topic through three clusters of activity: Research, Advice and Knowledge dissemination.

EUPIAN is an initiative of the University of Leiden, University of Anvers and Corvers Procurement Services BV.

The main topic of research and debate within EUPIAN will focus on the opportunities and the persisting challenges relating to innovation through public procurement.

Within this framework, gathering ‘best practices’ - examples of initiatives which led to innovation - is extremely important, as well as understanding why some initiatives do not work or, on the contrary, work better than others.

EUPIAN will promote research on this topics at an academic and post-academic level, including within European funded projects.

Within this cluster of activity, EUPIAN provides support and advice in public procurement procedures which aim to stimulate the development of new technologies or services or to boost the innovative capabilities of the European private market.

Networking and knowledge dissemination
EUPIAN starts from the premises that gathering knowledge costs time and money and that ‘re-inventing the wheel’ must and can be avoided.

To this end, EUPIAN will increase awareness on the value of knowledge exchange and will organize these exchanges in an efficient and open manner. EUPIAN aims to attract a broad range of specialists in innovation and in public procurement, from academia and the private market, as well as from different disciplines (such as legal, economic, sociological and technical).

The dissemination of accumulated knowledge will be performed through interdisciplinary workshops and courses on an academic and post-academic level.


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